2024 Beneficiaries

For more than 60 years Guide Dogs has empowered people with vision loss to achieve independence, participation, inclusion and wellbeing. Guide Dogs supports people at all ages and all stages of their journey – from babies and children, through to adults and seniors – to empower them with the freedom to live an independent life. And our support extends to their family members, parents and carers that play such an important part in their lives. With more than 90% of our funding coming from the community, it’s your amazing, unwavering support that makes all this possible.


No one wants to experience life with paralysis.

Yet every day in Australia at least one person has their life changed forever in this devastating way. Day to day tasks and mobility become an extraordinary challenge.

Perry Cross is one such person whose life was unforeseeably and profoundly changed in an instant. His approach to his paralysis has been inspirational. And as Perry’s health journey continues, so does his conviction to lead a united and multi-faceted model for bringing together people with the knowledge, skills and passion required to find a cure for paralysis.

The Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation aims to facilitate, collaborate and initiate the connections and research required to find a cure for paralysis.


The Gold Coast Community Fund is an incorporated body that was established in early 2000 by some of the city’s leading business figures.

The Fund seeks to raise money through regular art unions and donations, creating a central pool of money for distribution to charities, community organisations and individuals in emergency need.

The Gold Coast Community Fund offers a more systematic approach to fundraising and the perfect fundraising solution for not-for-profit organisations large and small.

The Gold Coast Community Fund (GCCF) aims to relieve financial hardship which is determined on a case by case assessment of a beneficiary’s or charities genuine financial need.

Relief of financial hardship may include assistance for people who are suffering from the effects of homelessness, sickness or from a disability, where, in each case, there is also financial need.

Sickness comes within this category because sickness is often related to poverty or the inability for an individual to pay for treatment.

Financial assistance is only provided to those who reside within the Statistical Area only of the Gold Coast as determined by Queensland Concordance – SA4 to SA2 (ASGS 2011) as provided by QLD Government Statisticians.

The GCCF offers assistance only if directed and agreed to by its committee and decisions can be made on individual cases as required that may not fit the entire criteria.

Assistance may be offered more than one time but only after a reassessment and approval of its committee.



Men of Business is the brainchild of a select group of influential business owners on the Gold Coast who recognised that there are more than 500 teenage boys who fall through the cracks of the system each year on the Gold Coast alone.

82% of them have tried drugs.
66% live with one parent or guardian.
11% don’t know who their parents are.

Most programs designed to help have rigid criteria and inflexible hours. The MOB joined forces with SCISCO Career Pathways to pay something back, by ‘paying it forward’ to the next generation. The fundamentals of a balanced life have been synergised into a highly energetic and interactive mentoring program based on healthy lifestyles and attitudes that define the participant’s journey toward manhood.

In an intensive 8 week program, the young men learn the value of:

Anger Management
Friends and Family
Inner Strength and Emotion
Goal Setting

Dedicated individuals deliver personal training, one on one mentoring and life coaching, with goals and outcomes derived on a case by case basis. The program is designed to fit around education hours and also assists with job placement. The MOB’s goal is to grow this vital program across the Gold Coast region. Like all programs of this type however, it receives only a small percentage of its running costs from Government, and therefore needs your support.

For more information, or to make a donation, visit: